Electrolysis skin care

Satisfied Clients

- LISA D. -

I began electrolysis about 15 years ago, and once I discovered Allure, I never looked further. I am pleased with the quality of  friendly service, attention to detail, and flexibility of hours, which works well with my busy schedule.  I started by getting rid of embarrassing chin hair and having my eyebrows thinned. I was so happy with the results that I have since had my legs and underarms done also. I have been very pleased with the results, and it’s wonderful not to have to shave. My husband appreciates it too!  I have also had several facials done, and my skin is in far better shape than it ever has been. I’ve learned a lot about how to take care of it and which products work best for my skin. I have been so happy  with the work done that I have recommended Allure to others, and all have been very satisfied with their results also.


"Electrolysis has been a great solution for me.  Mitra did
my eyebrows, underarm area, and is currently working on my
knees.  I am continually amazed that the hair is gone and
hasn't grown back!  It is so nice not to have to pluck or
shave. The process is completely private and Mitra makes
me feel comfortable.  Thank you, Mitra!" 


My mother told me about electrolysis years ago, but I was never happy until I found Allure. Not only is Mitra consistent and flexible, but she is VERY affordable. After the electrolysis treatments, I moved on to facials. I have always had problem skin with breakouts and blackheads. Mitra took the time to analyze my skin type and recommend a face cleansing regimen that works. For the first time in my life, I am acne free! Mitra is not only my skin care consultant, but my friend. Thank you so much for the confidence of having worry-free skin!   


I have gone to Mitra for years for electrolysis.  She has been able to give my eyebrows a beautiful shape and remove unwanted facial hair that has really boosted my self confidence.  I don’t have to worry about stray hairs anymore.  She also gave me a couple of great facials before my wedding which were so relaxing!  What I enjoy about going to Allure to get this done is that not only is Mitra very professional, she’s also a very warm and friendly person.  I consider her to be a friend.  I would highly recommend going to Allure for electrolysis or facials! 


I started seeing you on my Electrolysis hair removal and the results were very successful and more than I expected. Then I came to you for Skin Care and the treatments were not only
relaxing but very soothing and beneficial with excellent results. You suggested I try your Skin Care products with the treatments  and they really enhanced the softness and smoothness of my
complexion. I would highly recommend your treatments to anyone. Thank you again Mitra for the excellent care given to me.
I received electrolysis as an anniversary present from my husband.  What a difference electrolysis has made.  I no longer have to pluck my chin or worry that I missed any hairs.  I was so happy with how my chin looked that I also had my upper lip and my eyebrows done.  I am So thrilled with how smooth those areas are.  I have not had to use my tweezers in months.  I just love Mitra, she is such a sweet lady!  I highly recommend anyone who plucks their stray hairs to come see Mitra.  You won't be disappointed.
I had a facial today with Mitra, and it was an awesome experience. Very relaxing and very soothing. I have a bit of a problem with acne, and she was very gentle with her extractions and now the next day my  skin looks great. It is clean and very soft to the touch. I can tell a tremendous difference in the appearance of my skin after just one treatment so far.   
Free at last!!! No more shaving my ears.  No more plucking or trimming. No more embarrassing hairs on the edges or growing inside.
No more extra time getting ready for work because I'm worried about my ear hair.  Just smooth, hair free skin.  Thank you Mitra, you have restored my confidence.  I recommend electrolysis unconditionally.  

I am so please with the electrolysis services I received from Mitra.  I had previously been receiving electrolysis from two different companies for a year and a half without permanent results. After switching to Mitra, I was immediately impressed with her care of my skin and within months I saw a huge difference. She has been able to give me the results that I was not able to get from anyone else. Thank you Mitra.
I was very hesitant about using electrolysis for my unwanted hair. After meeting with Mitra and listening to her treatment methods, I felt more comfortable and decided to try her. She was warm and friendly and always made me feel comfortable. Her place of business is easy to access, she always has appointment times, has a very clean work environment, and has a gentle touch. I am glad that I found her because she has met all of my expectations and I continue to be well-pleased.
Before I came to Mitra I had 5 years of laser hair removal and the areas that I had treated with the laser were actually expanding. I had my buttocks treated by laser and now actually had thick black hair growing on my lower back. I had my bikini done and now I also had dark thick hairs outside my bikini line that were not there before. I had small peach fuzz on my nipples that I had treated and now had dark black hairs all around them. The laser clinic told me that for some people laser hair removal can actually stimulate new hair growth and sometimes it just takes longer, but they promised that eventually the hair would be gone. Finally, after several years I decided that the madness had to stop and I decided to try electrolysis. I could not be more pleased ! After about 8 months of treatment (once every 6 weeks) with Mitra, the hair on my back was reduced to a tiny few stragglers. I went in today for my appointment and didn't even realize that I had no hair left on my back to be treated! The other areas are also now down to a very minimal amount and I am no longer embarrassed by the awful mess that lasers left behind. Thank you Mitra!!