Electrolysis skin care

Question and Answers

How long does it take for the hair to be removed permanently?

The duration of Electrolysis varies significantly with each individual depending on the specific nature of each client’s hair and skin. The short and general answer is 4-6 months on small areas and 6-9 months on larger areas.

How often do I have to come for a visit?

This, too, varies with each individual depending on the speed of each client’s hair cycle. There are women who come for a visit as frequently as twice a week and there are those who come twice a month. 

How is Electrolysis done?

Electrolysis destroys the hair growing cells with heat and disables the hair follicle. 

Is Electrolysis safe?

Yes, Electrolysis is approved by the American Medical Association, and is practiced by certified Electrologist. 

Does Electrolysis hurt?

Sensitivity levels vary with each individual. Clients have described their experience in various ways, from the sensation of a “pin-prick” to “nothing at all” and everything in between.

What areas can be treated with Electrolysis?

Any part of the body, any type of skin and any color and thickness of hair can be successfully treated by Electrolysis. 

Electrolysis can treat any hair any where, as well as any skin color.

I recommend Electrolysis for the treatment of any hair anywhere — specifically for the treatment of gray, red, or blond hair, for skin shades that cannot risk pigmentation, for hair on the eyebrow, nipples, upper lips, in short, for hair everywhere — no matter what color, shape, age or gender you might be.