Electrolysis skin care

The Factors


Electrolysis is a series of treatments. To see improvement you must commit yourself to regular visits for a period of about nine months up to one year, or even more, depending on the following factors:

  • the amount of hair to be treated
  • the quality of the hair
  • the depth of the hair
  • the Hair Cycle.

Every hair goes through a cycle of growth. At the early (ripe) stage of its cycle, the growth center of the hair is active, the follicle is moist and the hair is visible. At the late stage of its cycle, the follicle dries up, and the hair is detached from its growth center and it falls out. The growth center of the hair then goes into a resting period under the skin.

When a series of treatments begins, much of your hair is in its resting period under the skin and is not visible. Within a period of 2-5 months the rested follicle will come to life and you should expect to see a new hair growing, one that was not visible before. This is the normal cycle of hair growth. It will take me that period of time to see all the hair you have, both the active ones and the rested ones. My treatment is most effective when the hair is in its early stage. Normally, if treated then, it will not grow back. There will be regrowth if the hair is treated in its late stage and is ready to fall out. Much of the visible hair at any time is in the late stage so you should expect to have regrowth in the treated area. However, the hair will be finer with every treatment.

Electrolysis is not an overnight miracle. It requires a commitment of your time and patience. This brief description of the hair cycle may help you understand the nature of Electrolysis treatments and contribute to our ultimate success.