Electrolysis skin care

About Us

Electrolysis is something that I, myself, have been involved with for many years. One, because of the unwanted hair I once had and two, the addiction that seems to come along once electrolysis begins. When I had unwanted hair as a young adult I wasn't sure where to turn. Ashamed of others knowing about my problem, I never went further than the bathroom. Tweezing, waxing, and shaving, you name it, I did it. When I found that Electrolysis could permanently remove unwanted hair it changed my life. As a client, I saw the changes electrolysis could make, inside and out. It restored the inner confidence I had lost.

I decided to become an Electrologist over 25 years ago.  I needed a career  that I knew would help others as it did for me. I love knowing that I can or have made a difference in one's life.

I have been doing skin care for the past 10 years. Skin care seemed the next logical step as I was repeatedly asked for advice on various skin issues as well as which products were recommended. I too had my own long-term struggle with extremely sensitive and often blemished skin.